Native X

Apart of the AXPG BRAND Established in 2021  ( )   

 Native X is Indigenous owned  at the forefront of offering Indigenous Catering Adelaide. Our Catering Service allows us the privilege of being able to promote and supply unique dishes from one of the world’s oldest cultures.

 Native X Shop also allows our customers to purchase Native Products,  a shopping experience to consumers around Australia and the world.

This not only provides our customers with the opportunity to experience these amazing  products that celebrate the  Indigenous culture, but it also provides positive opportunities and outcomes for many rural Indigenous communities.


Owner's Message

Native X is all about Supporting local communities across Australia from product sourcing, manufacturing and employment.

Our Mission

Our mission is quiet simple. Native X strives to showcase Australian Native products and ingredients ethically sourced and manufactured with in Australia. We strive to achieve this by continuously sourcing our ingredients from across Australian Indigenous communities thus allowing jobs to be created and maintained, and provide communities with a drive for success by offering continuous employment opportunities.  Our mission will create brighter futures for youth, communities and more. Our end goal is to show case our products on a global platform and introduce people to NEW FLAVOURS and experiences either through our catering service or our online shop.  

Some Reasons To Shop In Our Store

We are an Australian owned and operated based company and all our products are Manafactured locally, using ethically sourced products, through creating  jobs.



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